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Freebra’s Original Silicone Bra will never let you down! Add natural looking volume and cleavage with our 100% high quality silicone bra.

The material molds to the shape of your bust and is comfortable enough to wear all night. A flawless foundation for any look.

Need a help finding your size? We recommend having a look at the size guidelines.

Size Chart

Bra-size Freebra size
30A, 32A, 34A A-cup
36A, 30B, 32B, 34B B-cup
36B, 36C 30C 32C 34C C-cup
30D, 32D, 34D D-cup



Shipping approximately 2-4 weeks
If you have additional questions please call us in store
Brampton: 905-459-4200 
Oakville: 289-386-3232

Free Bra
Free Bra
Free Bra
Free Bra