How we are keeping you safe:

1.Maintaining Social Distancing by keeping 6 feet apart

2.Closing every other Change Room

3.Frequently wiping down commonly touched areas

4.Providing Hand Sanitization Stations

5.All tried on clothes are put aside for a min. 24 hrs 

Limiting the number of customers in the store


Do I need an appointment to shop in your boutique?

Appointments are highly recommended to shop our formal wear to ensure that we can provide each of our clients with our undivided attention. Having an appointment and working with one of our dedicated consultants allows you to be educated on all your options that our boutique has to offer. Walk ins are welcome but trying on will depend on staff availability.


Do you offer alterations?

Yes! We offer alteration services when you purchase your dress and to dresses not purchased at our store as well. Alterations are always an extra cost. Alteration services are offered out of our Brampton Location at 27 Main St. N (Main/Queen) Brampton. Please call to book your appointment with one of our seamstresses 905-459-4200.


Why do we have to put a deposit down?

As we have many designer gowns and such a large selection, our service is required to handle the gowns. We will help navigate through our selection and be able to show and suggest styles according to your liking and budget. As you try, you will gain a better understanding of what styles suit you, and we will be able to suggest more gowns and continue the search until we find your special dress. We will also be able to do the necessary fitting to show you what the tailored version of the dress would look like.  A deposit of $50 is required for up to one hour of our service. Your deposit will be put towards the purchase of your dress or any item in store.


Do I have to pay a deposit to try on casual clothing?

No deposit is required to shop in our not so formal section of our stores.



Can I just look through the dresses without a deposit?

Of course! You are free to look through the store and we will still gladly assist you in showing you dresses for your special occasion without a deposit.